Gameplay and Controls

You are tomcat Dilbert the fearless. Stop the intruding wolves from kidnapping the farm animals.
The game will be over after the last animal has been kidnapped. How long will you resist the inevitable?

Use WASD to control the tank. Click and keep the left mouse button pressed for aiming, release for fire.


"Low Poly Farm Set" by Bitgem
"Micro Animals Set" by Bitgem
"Micro Tank" by Bitgem
"Micro Werewolf Otis" by Bitgem
"Low Poly Explosives" by Bitgem
"Low Poly Racing Car" by Bitgem
"Low Poly Ball Set" by Bitgem
"Low Poly Kit" by JuicyVitamin

"Funk Chase" by Gianmarco Leone

Sound Effects
"Universal Sound FX" by Imphenzia

Misc. Assets
Particle systems by Jean Moreno
Terrain textures by Hand Painted Textures
"Cartoon Skybox" by Thomas Stoop